Monday, October 20, 2008

Chico Fall Fest Drag Queens

I found this on Wise County Messengers blog.
I thought this was great fun.
If you know who these guys are, let us all know.

Written by: Joe Duty
Photo taken by: Joe Duty
The blog reads:
Never could quiet figure out the amusement of guys dressing up like girls, but they sure seem to have a lot of fun with it. Over the years I had shot several “dudes like a Lady” but I think the highlight goes to Chico, Texas, I mean this is the entertainment on the square for Chico fall fest.
Great work guys, where is a Pete Hart when you need him.

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Chatty Cathy said...

I found this on Morgan's Musings blog.

He wrote:
I bring to you the Lady ‘Drag’on football team.

Uh, yes, that is correct. Meet Klent Selz (a.k.a Claire), Brad Farrell (Bree), Tim Hicks (Tia), Wacey Jackson (Lacey), 2008 Ms. Chico - Marcus McCain (Margo), Danny Tolliver (Danielle: his uncle, Billy Joe Tolliver,
would be so proud), Lincoln McNabb (Lillie), Jeff Scheller (Jessica), Michael Kemplin (Michelle), Wade Matterson (Wanda) and Justin Carlton (Justine). They are members of the Chico varsity football team and they were busy Saturday owning the stage at the Chamber of Commerce Miss Chico Beauty Pageant at ChicoFest. I did some crazy stuff during my prep career, but that is one thing I would never have done as a football player. In a sport where athletes are “tough” and “cool”, dressing up like a girl doesn’t fit any of the molds. There was a little bit of everything - the good, the bad and the ugly. Hairy legs, dresses that were too short for a real woman to wear and n

on-stop laughter. The only disappointment was the coach of these great kids did not show up in a pair of heels. It was still an interesting event in Chico, America. My friends, this took a lot of brass!