Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is Nothing About Nothing, But....

I was at the Bowie Wal-Mart the other day and I could swear their prices are much higher than the Decatur Wal-Mart. I noticed some of their prices were the same or higher than our little grocery store. I said this was nothing about nothing, but I just wonder if any one else has noticed? It's a little strange that Wal-Mart prices has spiked so high.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Interesting History...

While looking for information on J.T. Brown and the murder in Chico. I came across some other interesting history.
This is a letter written by a man (1908) who was in Chico working.
Letter is as follows:

Our Absent Friends Write "Back Home."
Chico, Texas,
Jan. 31.
Editor News:
As so many people asked me to let them hear from me, I will do so through your paper if you will give me space.
Dear people and friends of old Alabama: I have been here but a short time but have already learned why people work more and make more than they can in old Alabama.
Now I have worked seven days and I have helped make more plow points and pointed more in those seven days than I would have done there in a whole year.
The people have not lost a day from plowing since I have been here. They are complaining of the ground getting hard. I have not seen a drop of rain fall in Texas. The roads are as dry here now as I ever saw them there. Now we have had two blizzards since I came and the people all said one of them was the hardest they had this winter, and if they don't have any harder weather than that the cold weather is a matter of no consequence.
Now I noticed in The News where everything was frozen up in Leighton. We knew nothing of that.
Also notice that the negroes of west Leighton defied the officers to put the hog law in force. Now that is a shame but I can live here and be out of all that. The people say here if a negro would come here and make such expressions he would not last as long as a clean shirt at a hog killing.
Now I have seen one negro since I have been here and he came from Jack county. They don't allow Mr. Negro here.
And another great blessing—I have not seen a man who was thought to be intoxicated. The people are as rough on liquor as on negroes.
This place is much larger than Leighton and all white people; are as social and clever as can be. They have a good school of more than three hundred pupils—six teachers.
I was out in the country today and I actually saw where people were plowing under half as much cotton as a lot of the Leighton valley land would make. Now I don't say this to slur the old country. They say they have picked all they have time to pick and will use that as fertilizer.
Everbody here seems to be well except colds. My family have had terrible colds but are about well now. We have seen a few of the old Alabama people. Have not sold all of their cotton here yet.
I guess I had better close. My best wishes to The News and its readers.
A. T. Braidfoot. (Leighton News 7 Feb 1908)

The next one, is called:
Lynching of Dr. B.E. Ward
That didn't happen here, but he was buried here. His brothers came from Chico and brought his body back to Chico.
The story is to long, so here is the link:
Lynching of Dr. B.E. Ward

E-mail From Our Mayor J.D. Clark

Mr. Clark sent this e-mail to me and I thought I'd pass it on to you. The link to his blog is under links on this page, Notes from J.D. Clark Blog spot.

FYI- I just wanted to let you know that I have updated my blog with some information about our upcoming street project, a major expansion and renovation that is just the first step in better streets in Chico. If you feel like sending any of your readers to my blog, I would definitely appreciate it. I want to open up more lines of communication with Chico's citizens and let them now what we are working on down at City Hall!

J. D. Clark
City of Chico

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Restaurant In Town....

If you are hungry, I heard about a new restaurant in town "Mom's House" home cookin'.
Don't let yourself get this hungry, come on in and try it.
I haven't eaten there yet, but I did hear it was good.
Let me know what you think of their food.
It's on the square.
I have seen crowds there.
It must be good.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Week In The Chico Texan

WOW, did you see how much Chico news was in the paper!
For sometime now, there has hardly been any news about Chico in the paper.
Love seeing the minutes for the Chico City Council meeting. I'm looking forward to seeing movies at the park this summer. Great Idea!

I've noticed a new reporter Berta Morris, She doing a great job.
I hope to continue to see Chico news in the Chico paper.

What kind of news would you like to see in the paper?
I would love to see a police blotter for Chico.

Road Work In Chico, What's up!

What, road work in Chico!
How shocked I was to see such a thing.
Where did it come from?
Does it make sense? NO
Why not the inner streets of Chico?
They needed them more, way more.

Was there a problem with the roads they paved?
Why did they re-paved part of FM1810, it has been less than a year since they re-did that road.
Which by the way, it was smooth and nice.
I know, Blah Blah Blah....

WC Messenger Has The Comments Back On!!!

If you expect to leave a comment on a news story, you better be prepared to give a DNA sample! Are they trying to keep people from posting a comment? If you want a public forum for discussions, you need a little freedom. If we lived in the "Big City" what difference would it make who you are? Chances are, other people reading the comments wouldn't have a clue who you are, but, here in this county, chances are good someone will know who you are. If you think that it doesn't matter, you would be wrong. If your comments go against popular opinion, people definitely let you know about it and sometimes even retaliate. I have known people who were targeted and have suffered loss of business; their kids were singled out at school and teachers who have lost their jobs.The next thing you know they will want you to come down in person with your driver's license and birth certificate to register.

Don't forget to read the blog comments guidelines, a good read even if you don't post a comment.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Congratulations To Our New Mayor J.D. Clark

J.D. Clark will be sworn in as mayor of Chico at tonight's meeting, he will possibly become the youngest current mayor in the state. The 23-year-old Clark was unopposed in the May election. A reception is at 6:30 to announce the city's lifetime achievement award winner with the meeting to follow at 7. (wc messenger)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alien In Aurora, Texas Oh My!!!!!

The following is some information I found on this.

The Aurora UFO Incident is a UFO incident that reportedly occurred on April 17, 1897 in Aurora, Texas. The incident (similar to the more famous Roswell UFO Incident 50 years later) reportedly resulted in a fatality crash; however, unlike Roswell, the government did not engage in any systemic cover up, and the alien body is reportedly buried in an unmarked grave at the local cemetery.

During the 1896-1897 time frame (some 6–7 years before the Wright Brothers' first flight), numerous sightings of a cigar-shaped flying machine were reported across the United States.

One of these accounts appeared in the April 19, 1897 edition of the Dallas Morning News. Written by Aurora resident S.E. Haydon, the alleged UFO is said to have hit a windmill on the property of a Judge J.S. Proctor two days earlier at around 6AM local (Central) time, resulting in its crash. The pilot (who was reported to be "not of this world", and a "Martian" according to a purported Army officer from nearby Fort Worth) did not survive the crash, and was buried "with Christian rites" at the nearby Aurora Cemetery. (The cemetery contains a Texas Historical Commission marker mentioning the incident.

Purportedly, wreckage from the crash site was dumped into a nearby well located over the damaged windmill, while some ended up with the alien in the grave. Adding to the mystery was the story of Mr. Brawley Oates, who purchased Judge Proctor's property around 1945. Oates cleaned out the debris from the well in order to use it as a water source, but later developed an extremely severe case of arthritis, which he claimed to be the result of contaminated water from the wreckage dumped into the well. Thus, Oates sealed up the well with a concrete slab and placed an outbuilding atop the slab (according to writing on the slab, this was done in 1957).

On December 2, 2005, UFO Files first aired an episode related to this incident, titled "Texas' Roswell". The episode featured a 1973 investigation led by Bill Case, an aviation writer for the Dallas Times Herald and the Texas state director of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
MUFON uncovered two new eyewitnesses to the crash. Mary Evans, who was 15 at the time, told of how her parents went to the crash site (they forbid her from going) and the discovery of the alien body. Charlie Stephens, who was age 10, told how he saw the airship trailing smoke as it headed north toward Aurora. He wanted to see what happened, but his farmer father made him finish the chores; later, he told how his father went to town the next day and saw wreckage from the crash.
MUFON's investigation uncovered a piece of metal, reportedly from the wreckage, that upon further analysis was revealed to be composed of 95% aluminum and 5% iron, with no traces of zinc. This alloy is very uncommon in nature (and the lack of zinc, normally present with iron, even more uncommon), and combined with other analysis which stated that the metal was air-cooled on the ground, led to the assertion raised in MUFON's report that, given the presumption that it originated in 1897, the sample could not be of terrestrial nature. However, MUFON's report does not discount the explanation that the sample was simply left there at some point during the last century; as discussed in the episode, analyses performed on other purported pieces revealed iron-zinc alloys common to farms such as those around Aurora. Furthermore, Oates declined to allow MUFON to uncover the well.
MUFON then investigated the Aurora Cemetery, and uncovered a grave marker that appeared to show a flying saucer of some sort, as well as readings from its metal detector. MUFON asked for permission to exhume the site, but the cemetery association declined permission. After the MUFON investigation, the marker mysteriously disappeared from the cemetery and a 3-inch pipe was placed into the ground, and all the metal removed (MUFON's metal detector no longer picked up metal readings from the grave).
MUFON's report eventually stated that the evidence was inconclusive, but did not rule out the possibility of a hoax. The episode featured an interview with Mayor Brammer who discussed the town's tragic history.

"UFO Hunters" investigation
On November 19, 2008, UFO Hunters first aired another television documentary regarding the Aurora incident, titled "First Contact".
The documentary featured one notable change from the UFO Files story – Tim Oates, nephew of Brantley Oates and the now-owner of the property with the sealed well where the UFO wreckage was purportedly buried, allowed the investigators to unseal the well, in order to examine it for possible debris. Water was taken from the well which tested normal except for large amounts of aluminum present; the well had no significant contents save for one large snake. It was stated in the episode that any large pieces of metal had been removed from the well by a past owner of the property. Further, the remains of a windmill base were found near the well site, which refuted Ms. Pegues' statements (from the 1979 Time magazine article) that Judge Proctor never had a windmill on his property.
In addition, the Aurora Cemetery was again examined. Although the cemetery association still did not permit exhumation, using ground-penetrating radar and photos from prior visits, an unmarked grave was found in the area near other 1890's graves. However, the condition of the grave was badly deteriorated, and the radar could not conclusively prove what type of remains existed.

Part 1 thur 3

Part 4 thur 5

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drilling Reform

I came across this and it got me thinking. So many of us have jumped on the band wagon of leasing our property for drilling. If you do your research, the money can be good, But do we ever think of the affects of drilling in our towns and county? So, when I came across this blog it made me think beyond the money. Take a look around, maybe we all could learn something new about drilling in Wise county.

Here is the link:"

Here is the link to the blogs main page:

The Bridgeport Index Newspaper - Old Issues

Came across this and thought I would leave the link for it.
This has old issues from 1957 to 1975 and obituaries for the last 32 years.
Here is the link:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day - Remember Those Who This Day is For!!

This day may be personal.
You may know someone has been killed in action or wounded.

As I research this and I looked at the number just for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and began to look at the faces of the fallen. I realized how much more heart breaking it is to see their faces, not just numbers.
There is a family somewhere who's life will never be the same.
Whether you believe in the war or not isn't really the point. It's whether the man and woman of these wars believe their lives are worth risking.
These men and women have a love for this country that makes them willing to give their lives for it.

Remember to honor past and present troops who have died for this country and you.
Let's not forget those who are wounded and are trying to rebuild their lives with all that Government red tape in their way.
Thank You to all those troops who are serving.
May you all return safely.

Any troops out there who are from Wise County that run across this blog, see you soon.

As of May 22nd 2009:
Total number killed in Iraq 4,283
Total number killed in Afghanistan 679
Total for Texas 437 second in the number killed per state,
California (530) is first.

Here is the link to see all that have died from Texas:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Congratulations Chico Graduates

For every ending

there's a new beginning; for every memory,

there's a dream ahead. The happy times you've had so far,

The people you have met Will always be a part of life

You'll never quite forget... But ever better, brighter days

Are waiting just for you, So dream your dreams...

and start in now To make them all come true!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

World's Largest Watermelon?

Does anyone know where this is?
The web site reads:

Chico, TX is the home to what may the worlds largest watermelon.

I have never seen it or heard of it.

Here is a link to the web site:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Blog To Check Out

Take some time and look around...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Their Spin

This is someones Spin of Wise County in the published news.
At first I thought this was a published news article. Then I realized this was written by the person who runs this site. It was made to look like a published news article, but in my opinion it is not.

It is a must read.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome Visitors

For those of you who are not from here and visit this blog, Welcome.

Tell me what you think of our blog?

I hope you enjoy. Come back a visit again....


Don't hold back...
speak up...
Don't just read this Blog....
Add something to it.
No one else knows who you are not even me.

That's the way I wanted it.
You can be completely Anonymous.

There is no price to pay for saying it here!!!!

You Be The Judge.....

It's the end of the school year.
How do you think it went this year?
With our new Superintendent Mike Jones and the New Elementary Principal Lisa Slaughter.

What did you think of Mr. Black as the the new high school Principal?

What changes do you think needs to happen for the next coming school year?

What do you think of J.D. Clark as our Mayor Pro Tem?

Just For A Laugh!!!!

The Pentagon announced TODAY the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the
United States Redneck Special Forces (USRSF)

These mostly Southern boys will be Dropped off into Iraq and will be given only the following facts about terrorists:
1. The season opened today.
2. There is no limit.
3. They taste just like chicken.
4. They don't like beer, pickups, country music, or Jesus.
5. They are directly responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt.

The Pentagon expects the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday .

Applications are available at your local
Wal-Mart sporting goods counter.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why The Comments Are Off On WCMessenger Online

Click on the title to see why the comments were turn off on the story about Kyler's Arrest and for the whole site. It is all our fault (Chico).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Arrest Of Kyler Hale...

The word of this spread like wild fire. Rumors running wild.
The talk of the town.

How surprised I was to see it on WFAA channel 8. They got more wrong than right. The article of the arrest on their web site was all about sensationalism, so much drama.
That video that is posted on their web site, is all about sensationalism too.
We are a small town and people think that we should not have the same problems as the big city does. We do....
They think because we are small town we should have better control of our kids.
People in our county just think "well it's Chico what do you expect".
The truth is because we are small town, we give our kids a little more freedom than we would if we lived in the city.
I believe that this shines light on a bigger problem in this town.
There are people in this town that get special treatment. I've seen parents behavior about their kids so bad I wasn't sure which one was the child. A lot of parents expect special treatment for their kids, different rules for them and a lot of them get it. The parent of one of the kids accused behaviors is so immature. I've witness this parent cursing other people out at school functions and just plain throwing a fit like a spoiled child. Which this has worked for this parent. This parent gets the kid out of trouble, while others suffer for their actions. It was just a matter of time it would caches up to all of them.
When you spoil a child and never make them accountable for their choices, than it should not be shock when this happens.

Kids make mistakes and as parents we try to help them learn from it. This doesn't always work but we keep on trying. I'm not saying that the parents of all the kids involved are bad parents. Some of these kids have a long history of getting in trouble and very little has been done about, if anything at all.

So many rumors, but do any of us really know what happened?
The boy and girl names has been dragged through the mud on the web.
Should Kyler be charged with sexual assault? It seems rather extreme. I know it is the law but a little unfair. The age difference it what has gotten him in so much trouble.
At the end of the day who was more responsible, the 17yr old or the 13yr old. Who should had been the wiser of the two? Somebody should had said no.

Other places on the web that had were you could post comments have shut the comments sections down because people were using the names of the other involved which is a NO NO. No minors names can be mention.
I felt our town, our talk. So, talk about here but I will delete any comments that breaks the rules and laws. ALL comments will be reviewed before posted. You may not like this but that is the way it has to be because so many can't follow the rules and has become so passionate about this subject that they get down right nasty and mean. Your still free to speak, just be benign when writing about it. No names except Kyler's.

Don't forget to scroll down to The DA investigating charges of sex with underage Chico students and read comments there to.

Talk Among Yourselves

For an ongoing dialog with others, post your comments here.
This is good place to bring up a discussion, something you would like talk about.

I may not know something that is going on.
Bring it up.

I've Been Gone But I'm Back!!!!!

I know people were wondering if I had abandoned this Blog. Well for a time I did. I had to take care of my parents and didn't have time to blog. Once I got back home, there was so much to do and I just haven't had the time until now. I would like to thank my husband and children for holding down the fort while I was gone. I couldn't had done it without you....

Now, Lets get back to blogging.....
With all that's has been going on, I thought this was the time to return.
I've notice people of this town need a place to speak out about all that happens here.
If you come and read this blog, pass it along to some else. The more the merrier.

Alway remember y'all can talk among yourselves. This blog is driven by y'all.

So much happened while I was gone. I'm truly sorry to hear about Morgan's and the Mayor's death.

I hope all is forgiven and we can return to posting. I know there is more that's has happen that I don't even know about. So fill me in......

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notice of Drinking Water

I found this while on the city of Chico website. I consider this serious. Anything that cause cancer is serious and how does it effect small children. Was this in the Chico Texan paper or did I just miss it. Reads as follows......

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has notified the City of Chico water system that the drinking water being supplied to customers had exceeded the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for URANIUM. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has established the MCL for URANIUM at 30 micrograms per liter, and has determined that it is a health concern at levels above the MCL. Analysis of drinking water in your community for URANIUM indicates a level of 38 micrograms per liter (yearly average). This is not an emergency. Some people who drink water containing uranium in excess of the MCL over many years may have an increased risk of getting cancer and kidney toxicity. You do not need to use an alternate water supply. However, if you have health concerns, you may want to talk to your doctor to get more information about how this may affect you. We are working to correct the problem. We are currently mixing the water with water from other wells that are not registering as high in uranium. We are also looking into putting in water filtering system. The City’s engineers are looking into the best way to solve this problem. Additionally, we have asked for assistance from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail. For further information contact: Chico City Hall113 W. Decatur StreetP.O. Box 37Chico, Texas 76431(940) 644-2435Ask for Ed Cowley or Don Austin between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.Public Water System ID # 2490004 Entry Point 004

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cheers And Jeers

If there is someone or something you want to Cheer or Jeer for do it here........

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The DA investigating charges of sex with underage Chico students

I saw this in the newspaper and was shocked.
What in the world is going on?
The article didn't provide much information about this.
Four or five Chico high school athletes having sex with four or five underage female Chico students.
Can't these older boys find girls there own age?
Don't they know that this is against the law.
It does not speak well of these boys and it must be embarrassing to their families.
These boys being older should not prey on young girls and these girls should have a little more smarts then that.
I'm glad that some parent is standing up and making these boy accountable.
The girls will always have that label attached to them. It doesn't matter that it is 2008, girls will always have label attached to them for this behavior and the boys will get high fives, a double standard.
Girls must learn that even though the behavior is the same, girls are held to a higher standard and will be look down on even though the boys are looked up to.

What do you think?

The Chico Texan Newspaper

What is up with our local newspaper?

Why are there very few stories about Chico in this newspaper?
I find more news about Chico in the Wise County Messenger.

Isn't the purpose of a local newspaper to report local news.
I've noticed several people writing letters to the editor about this.
Why is Alvord sports in our newspaper?
Don't we have enough sports news to write about?
There needs to be more about J.V. football games in the paper. They barley cover it or not at all.
What do you think?
I'm a little tried of it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chico Fall Fest Drag Queens

I found this on Wise County Messengers blog.
I thought this was great fun.
If you know who these guys are, let us all know.

Written by: Joe Duty
Photo taken by: Joe Duty
The blog reads:
Never could quiet figure out the amusement of guys dressing up like girls, but they sure seem to have a lot of fun with it. Over the years I had shot several “dudes like a Lady” but I think the highlight goes to Chico, Texas, I mean this is the entertainment on the square for Chico fall fest.
Great work guys, where is a Pete Hart when you need him.

Schools That Failed The AYP Standards

I thought this was interesting.
Chico did pretty well considering the other schools on this list failed a least two subjects.
Math is a problem and needs to be addressed.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chico Football 2008

Well maybe it time to start a posting about this.
This is always a hot topic. We are just as passionate about our football as we are about politics and religion.
I have posted a comment under Streets and Yards about football after someone left a comment there about the team.
I know this is one place where people will probably have a opinion and I am eager to see what everyone will say.......

Friday, October 10, 2008

Streets and Yards.

How surprised I was to find that people had actually left comments.

I am very happy that people are voicing their opinions.
I hope you tell others......

Several people have posted comments on the streets and yards in town.
I agree that the streets are never repaired. Take the street in front of the Elementary school, they dug it up, did their thing and left it a mess. I'm sure it will never be repaired right...
Why doesn't this town ever fill the pot holes or re-surface the roads?

Some posted comments about the traffic in front of the Elementary school. It is a nightmare to say the least. I'm hoping that with the new Elementary school we will not have the same problem. I don't know if the new High school and Elementary school will be sharing a parking lot? God I hope not.

What do you think....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grocery prices at Chico Foods

I could not believe the prices at the store this weekend.
They are ripping us off.
This is the way I look at it, if a 12 pack of Cokes cost less at Chico Mart than the grocery store, there is a problem.

Everything is sky high there now. What is up?
I don't understand why this is.
I have not seen prices climb this high at other stores.
There is a new Brookshire's going up in Bridgeport and maybe it's time to shop else where...
I have always believed in supporting are little grocery store. When we didn't have one, it sucked.
I feel we are just being taking advantage of.

What do you think......

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is on your mind?

I hope you use this area to speak about things that are on your mind. If you can't find a posting you want to comment on, please feel free to use this area.

Post comments, questions, anything you like. Have a topic you would like to talk about? Just post a comment here.

I just hope everyone keeps their words clean.
In the coming weeks and months, I will post more topics.

So let's start posting...........

Event Announcements

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If you would like to see what events there are, click on the title "Event Announcements" and all the postings will show.


Garage Sales

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This will bring up all postings for garage sales.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Selling items.

If you have something to sell, click on comments at the bottom of this post and list your item for sale.

If your looking at stuff to buy, click on the title "Selling items" and all of the listings for items for sale will come up.

All items will be removed after 30 days of their posting, you can return and post it again if it hasn't sold.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The new superintendent and Elementary Principal

We have a new Superintendent Mike Jones. I hope he is settling in just fine. I hope he can make some much needed changes in our district.

The new Elementary Principal Lisa Slaughter seems rather nice. There has been a lot of talk about how tough she is. That is one thing they like about her, because they have a discipline problem in that school. Which begs the question, if Russell Black couldn't control the elementary kids, how is he going to control the high school kids?

What do you think?