Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grocery prices at Chico Foods

I could not believe the prices at the store this weekend.
They are ripping us off.
This is the way I look at it, if a 12 pack of Cokes cost less at Chico Mart than the grocery store, there is a problem.

Everything is sky high there now. What is up?
I don't understand why this is.
I have not seen prices climb this high at other stores.
There is a new Brookshire's going up in Bridgeport and maybe it's time to shop else where...
I have always believed in supporting are little grocery store. When we didn't have one, it sucked.
I feel we are just being taking advantage of.

What do you think......


aggie girl said...

I think that giving Brookshire's a chance may be a good idea. It's hard to not support Chico Foods, but I will have to weigh to cost of groceries, gas and my time to see if it's worth the drive.

aggie girl

RPM said...

Have you checked Brookshires prices? They are not a discount grocer.

The reason prices went up at Chico Foods is because the prices went up at Affiliated Foods Warehouse.

Welcome to the trickle down of $4.50 fuel. Chico Foods isn't making any more profit than they were a year ago. Wholesale prices went up.

trappedinchico said...

PRO TIP: There is more overhead running Chico Foods than Chico Mart. Convenience also costs money. I look forward to the wailing when it closes again and then people start complaining that there is no grocery store anymore.

Anonymous said...

Chico foods is fine just the way it is, I'm just thankful it's open. Now lets talk about the streets and all the nasty yards. what an eye sore. I feel like closing my eyes when I drive through town, but I'm afraid I would fall into a grand canyon sized pothole.

Anonymous said...

Well if the new Brookshires is going to have the same prices as their Springtown location, then you won't be shopping there long. It's more expensive than any grocery store in the immediate area!

Biff Tannen said...

1:43PM, I have stopped caring about my yard. When you see people cited for no reason, and you still have derelict cars in a lot or a house that is falling down around its inhabitants go unscathed, forget it. Obviously there is nepotism and cronyism going on. Cite me all you want now, I can't sell this place. Nobody would pay for a house in this dump. I can't even give the place away.

Chatty Cathy said...

I'd first like to say, I'm glad we have a grocery store, it did suck when we didn't have one and I would hate it if we lost it.
Here are some shopping tips:
If you take your grocery sale circulars to Wal-mart they will price match anything except "buy one get one free". You can use any grocery sale circulars. If they do not carry the brand that is on sale, they will price match for Wal-Mart brand.
Here are the links for the stores that are not in our area. They also price match CVS, Walgreens, Target and so on. I believe they do not price match for Hispanic grocery stores anymore.

Kroger's (scroll to the bottom for weekly-ads)




If you need a zip code to pull up weekly ads, I use 76112 a Ft.Worth zip except for Brookshires.

Here are some more ways of saving money at the store.

print out coupons here.

Sister of savings web site
I just heard of the site but have never been to it.

Coupon Mom

Mommy Saves Big

If you do a Google search
"grocery coupons" you will find a lot of good sites.

If you buy from a retailer web site and you see at check out a place for a coupon code. Do a Google search for that retailer with the words coupon codes and you may find a code to use at check out and save on shipping or a % off.

If you have any tips, please share them. We are all trying to save a buck.

printable coupons said...

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